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Frequently asked questions

 How do I order?

Call or text 1-731-616-5739




What is the build process?

We discuss your build and go over ALL the details.  You will provide dimensions of the space available or box size you want built.

In some cases I will know the size you need.  I will work on computer images for your approval. When your satisfied you make a deposit Ill get started.

How much does it cost?

 All builds have different values ranging from basic contruction to Lexan glass panels with Led's.  All estimates are free

and based on complexity.

How long does it take to build?

 After all designs are approved I will give you a build time estimate based on complexity and start time.  Most builds never take more than two days.  During the build you will receive text/email updates.

 How do I pay?

Visa, Mastercard,Paypal and Money Orders


Can I cancel my order?

Yes anytime before construction starts and materials have not been utilized.

How much is shipping?

I have partnered with UPS to provide the

lowest rates possible.  All shipments are

custom crated (not cardboard) to protect your investment and shipped to you with 3 day delivery.  ALL shipments include free insurance for cost and delivery

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